• Trina Meyer "T"

A Servant Heart

We all serve God in different ways. What does serving look like for you? Better yet, what do you think serving is supposed to look like?

It actually is very simple. These are just some servant acts:

  • Caring for your family.

  • Nurturing your marriage.

  • Praying.

  • Being a good friend.

  • Sharing kindness with everyone you meet.

  • Forgiving.

  • Being thankful for your blessings.

  • Helping those in need.

Notice the "ING" in each of the words above. Serving is always about action. Its about doing, going, moving. When we do what Jesus calls us to do, even in the simplest acts of our day-we are serving Him.

Being a servant of the Lord is not about how many see what you do or even how much you do. It's about doing His will wherever you're at in your life, whatever season you're in. And realizing that when we follow Him and do what He asks of us, it's not about us at all. We serve others so that they may see and know Him.

In it all though-

He SEES you. He KNOWS you. He LOVES you. He's WITH you.

If that's as a stay at home mom, or speaking in front of thousands of people, volunteering at your church, or leading a large ministry----it all is IMPORTANT and you are exactly where God needs you as long as you are fervently following Him.

Friend, I don't know where you're at right now, or what season you're in, but I do know that God can and will work all things for good and when our hearts are turned towards Him, then we are doing exactly what He needs us to be doing. Trust Him. Wait on Him. Have faith in Him.

-Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, be steadfast, immovable, always excelling in the Lord's work, because you know that your labor in the Lord in not in vain. -1 Corinthians 15:58

Keep going friend. Don't give up. Hold on to Him. His promises are true.

As we move towards Christmas and the coming of our Savior may our hearts be set on all that is good, pure, and true-God Himself. And may we always have servant hearts filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

God's blessings to you and yours-


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