• Trina Meyer "T"

Being Present

Do you find it difficult to"be present" in your present? I know I do. My brain is always processing what has been or what will be, not what is. Sometimes the to do list is just so long that I can't find the time to enjoy the moment I'm in. Other times my present situation brings up or reveals a past hurt that still needs to be processed, so I'm reflecting.

So, how do we "be present"? How do we enjoy the very moment we are in, or maybe it's not enjoyable but needs to be processed or lived through in the now and not the past or the future?

Reflecting on the past and dreaming or visioning your future are not bad things. When they become more important than your present though, you risk missing out. Missing out on what you can learn, who you can help, and how or who you can serve.

Jesus is always with us. He knows our past, present, and future. So because we know who He is and how much He loves us, we can be present in our present without regret of the past or fear of the future. It will take time with Him, trusting Him, and resting in Him. I know I will have to do what comes unnatural to me and give up the control I've convinced myself I have.

I want to be wrapped up in Jesus in my present. He's already wrapped up my past. My future is covered by His love, mercy, and grace. And really, all we have is the present....in His presence. So, let's embrace Him in each precious moment.💜



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