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God is > all things!

God is greater than the highs and the lows...

You may have seen my post on Facebook or Instagram recently showing the picture above. I love what a wonderful reminder the graphic on my sweatshirt gives me- that no matter what is happening, God is there and he's bigger than anything.

On this day when I took this picture, I wasn't feeling well. Not sure what's happening with my body on any given day is scary. Things that I've been experiencing recently like new pains, new stomach issues, more headaches, and an increase in anxiety and depression= More prayers.

What battle are you facing friend? Is it an illness? A loss? An addiction? Financial woes? Marital strife? Trouble with your kids? Family conflict?

Whatever your battle is:

When everything feels out of control-Pray.

When fear cripples you-Pray.

When you don't think you can keep going-Pray.

The thing about life---there will always be highs and lows. Good things and bad things. There is so much we cannot control. But remembering to hold on to Him who promises comfort and peace brings us back. Back to where He wants us-totally trusting in Him. Not ourselves.

Oh, how I want to control everything in my life. My health, my marriage, my kids, my home, my finances, my social life....pretty much everything. Even when I think I'm in control-I'm so not! For me, being "in control" is a way of feeling safe and protected---BUT---I don't have to do that because HE keeps me safe and protected. He loves me and wants so much for me to "let go" and "let Him".

~We can't truly be who He's called us to be when we're always trying to control everything.~

Anybody who struggles in this area of "control"-I know you get it! It's HARD. It's a BATTLE. It can be MESSY. And that's okay! We keep praying for God to work in that area for us. We ask for forgiveness when we take the wheel and try to do everything our way. We thank Him for loving us through our MESS.

So whether you are in a season of Highs or a season of Lows or mix of both...know that He's there, He's got you, He's got whatever you are going through, and He's not letting go.

~Let go of anything and everything holding you back from completely trusting God.~

The beauty in this?

  • When you feel lost-He knows the way and will show you.

  • When you hurt-He heals you.

  • When you cry-He knows and understands you.

  • When you feel alone-He is there for you.

  • When you are weak-He is strong for you.

  • When you pray-He hears you.

  • When you repent-He forgives you.

~On our own, we are in short, hopeless.~

The GOOD NEWS: We will never be hopeless because of HIM.

~With that-Let Go and Let God my friend.~

May you feel every ounce of peace and joy that this brings.

In His love-


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