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A "Buff" Beauty Find

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

With my collective health issues-Hashimotos, Chronic Lyme, and most recently, Fibromyalgia it is important to me that I use"clean" products as much as possible and in general have better knowledge of the ingredients in my beauty products. This is super important because what you put on your skin ultimately goes inside your body. Our skin is our largest organ after all! That being said, looking at labels and being knowledgeable about ingredients is always a good idea, even if you don't have a chronic illness. I'm definitely not an expert and am always learning and love to find new, natural, products that work! Please feel free to share any products or companies with high quality, safe ingredients that have worked well for you.

This company that I recently found is: Buff City Soap Company. Buff City Soap specializes in all natural bath and body products using natural oils and butters and essential oils. While visiting family in Colorado, when shopping at an outlet mall, Buff City Soap Company and I became friends. ;) From the moment I walked in the door-I was hooked. It smelled so good and it wasn't overwhelming or overstimulating to my senses at all. Everything was so authentic and who knew bath and body products could be so pretty? They have everything from bath bombs, to facial serum, and even a men's line! With fun names and beautiful packaging to boot-they make GREAT gifts!

I purchased a few bath bombs and some body butter. I had to contain myself as we were traveling and there was only so much room in the car! Ha! Thank goodness they have an online store. The bath bombs were soft to the touch and made my bath water super luxurious. My favorite though-is their body butter-hands down. I have never used anything like it. It is the only thing I've ever used that actually helped my dry skin, especially my heels.

And these products are SAFE! Here is my proof: My dog Bruti loves the body butter too apparently. Whenever I put it on he would start giving me kisses. While I love puppy kisses, I didn't want him ingesting the body butter so I'd make him stop of course. Well, one night as I'm getting ready for bed I noticed that my cuticles were so dry, so I decided to put my body butter on. Well, I fell asleep and had not put the top back on....I wake up out of a deep sleep because I'm hearing this "lapping" or "licking" sound. To my horror, I realize that Bruti has eaten almost the whole amount of what had been remaining. Only a little over a 1/4 of the body butter had been used prior to this, and now less than 1/4 remained! I wake my husband up and tell him what has happened and I'm in tears because all I can think is he's going to be poisoned or worse! He NEVER got sick, NEVER had any issues!

Whether you are a "beauty junkie" like me and love all things relating to the subject, or you hardly ever wear makeup or use any kind of fancy creams or lotions, I PROMISE you will LOVE this company. They really do have something for everyone.

Oh, and those body butters are ONLY $10 right now! www.buffcitysoap.com

Happy Shopping!


*Notice* I do not work for or with Buff City Soap Company and am not affiliated with them in any way, nor am I making any health claims or claims to that effect. This is purely my opinion of the product and how it worked for me.

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