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Pain...From a Biblical Perspective

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

The Greek work for "sick" is asthenei.  Meaning weakness, either physical or spiritual or a want of strength.
A Closer Look...

What are the results of sin? The Bible says: pain and sickness and separation from God. It doesn't negate the goodness of God, it only reiterates what happened when sin entered the world. There is GOOD news though-Jesus. It's Jesus and ONLY Jesus that frees us from the pain and sickness, and brings us once again into the presence of God. Because of Jesus we are FREE.

So, if we are free, why do we suffer? Jesus told us we would. We also know that Jesus paid the ultimate price for ALL. He took OUR place on that cross. He died OUR death. He bore OUR pain and sickness.

So, then you ask, well what are we free from then? I still feel pain, I suffer, there is sadness, there is anger, loss, and so many tears. While we will feel all these things on this side of Heaven, what we know is that we won't when we are home, where we belong. That is where our hope lies, it's what we rest in, it's what gives us peace, the freedom in knowing that because of what Jesus did we receive grace, which for us means eternity with the King of Kings.

The gospel doesn't end there though! With that gift of grace, we now are supposed to share that message of grace with others. We are the church, the hands and feet of Jesus. We have a purpose beyond what we can see. Just last night I was at a Matt Maher concert at my church and I loved what he said: "When you give your life to Jesus, you also give him your burdens, you lay them at His feet, at the Cross, and then you take up His Cross, His burdens. The good news in this is that He is always with you, you are NOT alone in this life."


No, we are NOT saved by works! We are saved by the GIFT of GRACE!

Here's the thing...we are sinful. We are not even close to being capable of being sinless. Not this side of Heaven anyway. So, that is why we look at ourselves first and foremost and go to God with our sins, asking for forgiveness each day, every hour, every minute. Actions will always speak louder than words. Love will always do more than hate. Forgiveness and grace will always bear more fruit than holding grudges and judging.

This life will be full of pain, physical and otherwise. But remember, because of Jesus on the Cross, we are HEALED. Our gift is eternity in Heaven with the One who loved us and knew us before we were in our mother's womb. How insanely crazy is that?!?! That is a love that CANNOT be described with earthly words or action. Which is exactly WHY there is NOTHING we can do to EARN the love and grace He gave so freely to us!

For me personally, physical pain has become a constant in my life. Most mornings I wake up with a headache, unable to move my legs without pain or the feeling that they are so heavy I can't move them, shooting pain in my shoulders and hips, numbness in my wrists, stiffness so bad I dread the idea of getting up. Once I move a little more, the pain usually eases, but doesn't go away and some days it doesn't ease. This pain makes me tired, not only physically exhausted but emotionally drained as well. I'm an active person, I like to be "on the go". In this season, that's been a little tougher.

My thoughts are more jumbled, concentration takes a lot of effort, simple tasks have become complicated, sleep eludes me most of the time. I've always been a night owl, but now I'm usually up until 3am because my brain refuses to shut down and my body hurts to the point I can't get comfortable. I suffer with anxiety and depression. I have "good" days which I've learned are just less bad than the "bad" days. There have been A LOT of tears. There has been fear. There has been anger. It's a roller coaster of emotions, but I'm grateful that because of my faith, I usually land in a place of peace and that the moments of fear and anger and sadness, are just that, moments!

So instead of asking why, I'm asking who. Who can I help? Who is suffering with something similar that needs a word of encouragement? Who else needs to know that their diagnosis is NOT their identity?! Who is putting on a smile for the world in hopes that it hides the pain they are feeling? Who, no matter how miserable they feel, takes the time to put on makeup and do their hair because it makes them feel just a tiny bit better? If this is you or you know someone who suffers like this and it breaks your heart, God sees you! He loves you! He's with you even if you can't feel Him. He promises us this.


I know without a doubt there is purpose for the pain we feel. I know this because of the people that God places in our lives that have walked a similar path, or those in our life that help to hold us up when we are down. I know this because I know who God is. I know He loves me. I know He loves you. We all struggle in our sin. We all fall short. BUT, He is with us, ALWAYS. We have to stop and lean in. We have to tell Satan-GET BEHIND ME-you have NO POWER over me because I'm a CHILD of GOD!

Yes, we pray for healing on this side of Heaven and through His hand, many have that healing. We praise Him for this! I pray for healing every day. Resting in whatever His answer is, is not always easy, but because we know who God is, we know His answer is for our good. So, we praise Him in this too! Even if I'm not healed on this side of Heaven, there is still purpose in it and I'm to do God's will every day that I have breath. When He calls me home, I know I will have healing then. My soul will be where it belongs and when He comes back to make all things new, I'll have the perfect body that will never suffer. This is where I put my hope-in Jesus.

Have you put your hope in Jesus? I pray that no matter where you are on your walk of faith, or even if you aren't on that walk yet, that one day YOU KNOW there is HOPE in Jesus and that HE LOVES YOU! That He went to the cross for you. He gave you the gift of grace-all you have to do is receive it.

With care,


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