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Thankful Thoughts

Well, the holidays are upon us friends! Where did this year go anyway? I feel like it was just summer. The very short walk I took my dog on today reminded me that it is far from summer! I don't think it's officially winter yet, but it sure feels like it. Now, in just a couple of days, it will be time for family and friends to gather and enjoy delicious holiday fixings...

With 0 calories by the way!

I don't know about you, but my television has been on the Hallmark channel since their Christmas movies began at the end of October. Not sure if it's the movies, or the weather, or a combination of both, but our tree is up along with decorations already! If I'm honest, I think there was a part of me that thought if all of it was out and up that I would feel some cheer that I've been missing lately. There is something about a Christmas tree with all the lights glowing that just warms the heart. With the tree glowing and some coffee in my cup and a good book to read...I'm all set!

I'm thankful for those quiet moments. I'm also thankful for the busy that the season brings-in moderation. If you're always running or putting more on your "to do" list, you won't be able to really enjoy what the holidays are all about. I encourage you to soak up the moments with family and friends, take the pictures, eat the delicious food, bake the yummy cookies and desserts, and wrap yourself in all the joy this season brings.

In this busy Holiday Season commit even more to your quiet time with Jesus. It doesn't matter the time of day, whatever works for you and your schedule-do it. Even if its just 15 minutes. That time is precious and will keep your heart and mind focused on what really matters. I don't know if you struggle in this area, but I sure do. I have times where I'm consistently in the Word and other times when even though I'm active in ministry and church, I can't remember the last time I sat down to really read my Bible.

So, with December around the corner let's make sure we go in with a plan. Here are some great options to use that I found on Pinterest! I plan to use both and will have a section posted here on the blog with reminders of what each day's reading/writing is. This is not about adding another "to do" to your list, it's about being focused on Jesus and allowing Him to remind us that no matter what is on our list, He is the most important. With Him, we will be able to handle all the "to dos" and stay focused on what really matters through it all.

Blessings on your Thanksgiving friends!


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