• Trina Meyer "T"

Where is the Joy?

Is it really possible to find joy in things like:

Cleaning your house (over and over)?!?

Making your bed (and all of your kid's beds)?

Picking up toys or clothes off the floor for the millionth time?

Going grocery shopping after a crazy day at work or with a baby or toddler who desperately needs a nap?

When the kids just won't stop fighting with each other?

When you and your spouse are fighting?

And EVEN when EVERYTHING around you seems to be falling apart?

Yes! It is possible to find joy-but we have to CHOOSE to!

Joy is different than happy. Happiness is fleeting. It comes and goes based on circumstances.

Joy is something we have regardless of our circumstances because ultimately joy is rejoicing.

When I don't feel well, or when I'm sad because of news I've received, or when I feel worry over a situation, I can still find joy. There is joy when my children are talking and laughing together while playing a board game. There is joy when my husband texts me that he loves me. There is joy when there is snow falling outside of my bedroom window.(It's pretty! ;) There is joy when I spend time with friends. There is joy when I worship my Savior.

The joy comes in moments with family, friends, and our Loving Heavenly Father.

So friend, I don't know what your circumstances are, but I promise that you can and will find joy. And when you find it, share it with someone-because you never know when you will be the joy someone else is looking for.

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